lundi 31 décembre 2007

People die on the streets of France

The association "Dead on the streets" reports 270-280 victims this year and declares that is only a part of actual numbers of SDS ,person without fixed residence and living on the streets, who are dead because of violence , dehumanization and humiliation they experience for a long time. It's not weather but indifference that causes their death says the representative of the association.

Le 31.12.2007

Legalized computer files of illegal immigrants

New regulation puts back into government's agenda a more efficient follow up of the extradition orders against illegal immigrants in France. Previously banned by Conseil d'Etat and opposed by Human Rights activists the new measure's goal is to increase the number of deportees, diplomatically called "Eloignement"; distancing from French territory

Création d'un fichier des étrangers visés par une mesure d'éloignement
AFP.30.12.07 12h42