lundi 28 janvier 2008

Trader of Societe Generale suspected of huge fraud

Jerome Kerviel used his financial "savoir faire" to hide huge losses created by unstable markets of future options, which amounted to 400 millions of €. Panicked Societe Generale reacted by selling all the problematic accounts creating even worse losses of 4.9 milliard of € causing a near bankruptcy for itself.

Finance, 28 of Jan.2008

mardi 22 janvier 2008

New series of explosions in Corse

After last week's arson fire at the Corse Assembly two banks and one postal office were seriously damaged by explosions. Four suspects were detained in Ajaccio and under investigation by the antiterrorist section in Paris.

Figaro, 21 of January 2008

mercredi 16 janvier 2008

Boeing in advance of Airbus for the second consecutive year

In 2007 Airbus sales, 1341 orders for airplanes, are again lower of 1413 reported by Boeing its main competitor 16 of Jan.2008

samedi 5 janvier 2008

Manifestation in Paris against the detention centers for illegal immigrants

2 to 3000 people, including many known artists and public figures walked trough Paris to demonstrate their opposition to the conditions of detention and deportation of illegal immigrants maintained at Vincennes and Mesnil Amelot centers demanding their immediate liberation while the government wants to achieve the goal of 25.000 expulsions per year .

Le ; 5 th of January, 2008

jeudi 3 janvier 2008

José Bové and other altermondialists on hunger strike

to protest French government's inaction to request from the European Union the prohibition of cultivation and sale of GMO (genetically modified organisms) . Segolène Royal expressed her support for José Bové action against the production of transgenic maize as promised by the government

AFP 3rd of January 2008

mercredi 2 janvier 2008

Health expenses up for all

Each medication or para-medical act will cost 50 cents more for those insured under National Health Insurance. Those who need them most will spend 50€ maximum per year.
Only children and pregnant women are exempted from this new legal measure.
No real opposition was publicly expressed against it.

Libé 1st of January 2008