vendredi 15 février 2008

Ex-Maire of Paris will be tried for electoral fraud

Jean Tiberi, ex-Maire of Paris and the present Maire of 5th district of Paris will be judged, together with his 9 collaborators, for the electoral fraud committed 11 years ago. The act of accusation states that 7228 persons were fraudulently registered as voting residents in exchange of some municipal benefits such as places in the kindergartens or public housing. Constitutional court was unable to cancel the election all together without the proof that those votes were determinant for the final result of the election.

Reuters, 14.02.08

dimanche 10 février 2008

Three French policeman arrested for antisemitic acts

They were among a group of five individuals who entered Amiens pub with "seig heil" salute and proffered other violent antisemitic and xenophobic statements towards barman and other people present there. The three policemen were immediately suspended from their jobs and arrested for the acts of incitement to racial hate. All five individuals are known to belong to extreme right and neo-nazis groups and also to be close to Le Pen political party., 10/2/08

jeudi 7 février 2008

Another proposed reform stopped

Attalli's report proposed to increase the number of taxis in Paris and its suburbs to improve the urban circulation. The perturbations caused by strikes and protestations of the taxis and its representative organizations, forced the government to renounce the proposed changes and to promise to negotiate first the compensations for the eventual losses of revenues as a consequence of increased competition

Le 7th of February 2008